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About Website

Visitingplan.com helps you organize visits. Organize a visit to those who need a visit or wellfare and live alone or in hospitals, associations, nursing homes, prisons or other such places. We help you keep track of visits so that you can track, for example, your visits and not everyone at the same time, and also make sure that there is not too much time between visits. No one deserves to be alone, but unfortunately there is often a risk that visits will decrease when they are saved to a long-term institution or living alone. It’s good to be able to keep track of regular visits and not forgetting, as is good, for example. on holidays and festivals to organize visits with family and friends to make the most of the day. Show each other your kindness and warmth, we deserve it. At the time of speed and timelessness, visitingplan.com helps you and your people to collapse, secure family relationships and friendship, and dodge the burden evenly at all. On the web you can log in to the calendar when they want to visit and also observe the days of relatives or friends signing up. On the web you can keep a journal describing the visit and even talking about the state of visit or something else at any given time. On the web, you can register what the person is missing or useful for the person, enter the names of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, hair salons, urgent phone numbers or anything else that may be required. On the web you can insert pictures, whether current or old memories. On the web, you can send friends and relatives an invitation to join a organized visit time, only one has to access and can send other friends or family members. On the web you can send other invited members of the message. On the web you can register a profile picture of the person and the main information. On the web you can contact visitingplan.com through a email message.

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